To Break Out of the Prison of Your Mind, Do This

Updated: Aug 1

I am back with another little excerpt from one of my favorite books, "Visualizing is Realizing" by Mark Victor Hanson. There is a section of the book that talks about "Visualizing the Right Livelihood" or "Visualizing the Right Career For You", is how I would translate it.

Basically, Mark shares that most of us live in this limited reality and whether we realize it or not, we have been programmed to think a certain way, to accept certain limitations on our life. We see this over and over again in the way people live.

For example, you reach a certain age and people say, "Oh, once you get over 40, you can expect one, two, three, four, five things to start breaking down", and because we've heard that all our life, we simply accept it. Of course, whatever we allow into our lives, whatever we accept will certainly happen. But again, from the perspective of your career, Mark talks about how we live in this limited reality where we accept that certain things are so just because someone told us they were.

He goes on to share that, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen." So we live in this prison called "The Limited Reality", and if you don't know you're in prison, then you don't even try to break out. But if you see something, if you get a vision for something that is outside of the prison, then all of a sudden you have the faith to believe for that thing.

There are careers that are here today that didn't even exist 20 or 30 years ago. Now that you see them, you're like, "Hey, that's what I want to do". You now have a vision for it because you've seen it. It's the same thing with creating the successful life or the successful career that you want.

You have to have some sense that it is available to you, that it can be done, and then you will move towards it. One of the quotes that he actually shared that I thought was super deep was by Emerson. , It says "Do the thing and then you have the power". If we've been told, "Hey, after age 40, you can't do a certain thing, or if you don't have this degree or this credential, you can't do a certain thing", most of the time we hold ourselves back and don't even try.

For those of us who are contemplating stepping out and doing a business, we've been told that, "Oh, that's not secure. That's risky. That's a risky move. You can't put your family on the line by going out and trying to start a business... It's risky."

Listen in today's environment, there is no such thing as job security. Risk is having one job with one income, and then one day going into that job and having someone tell you, "Hey, we no longer need you". Real risk is having one job and one income. Being in business for yourself is no more risky than actually having a job that you consider secure or permanent.

Statistics have shown that there are a large number of people in jobs that they dislike, they feel unfulfilled, or they even hate the job. Our life is made up of seconds, every second is ticking by every single day, and what you are doing when you stay at a job that you absolutely hate is creating a life that you hate. And make no mistake, when you hate the eight hours you spend on a job, that's going to trickle over into the other 16 that you're not at the job.

You really shouldn't spend any energy in any job that you absolutely hate, if nothing else, try to move out into a job that you hate a little bit less because that's a step in the right direction. Let's break out of that prison of limited thinking and really expand our minds, envision the life that we want, and then grab a picture of something that you think you might want and start heading in that direction.

The answer is always no if you don't go for it.

You're never going to experience the type of life that you want, if you're always holding yourself back, so visualize that right livelihood, visualize that right career, visualize the type of work that you think might bring you some level of joy or at least get you out of hate-mode and start moving towards the life and the career that you've always wanted.

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