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If you believe a couch has a purpose, then you must know that you have one too!

It’s almost a cliché because we hear it so much these days but I am going to go ahead and say it again.

Everything has a purpose.

I am particularly fond of saying it because over the last 10 years I have managed to uncover and begin walking in mine.

If you have not seen the viral Simon Sinek video, “start with why” then it’s likely you are one of those folks that hate social media for one conspiracy theory reason or another and managed to miss that wave.

But seriously, we all get that everything has to have a purpose, especially when we think about it in the context of a business or even just nature.

I’m a coach and sometimes during a speaking event, I show a slide with everyday items such as a pen, a couch, or a car – and I ask what the purpose of each item is.

I'm sure I get a few eye-rollers thinking “are we really paying this lady?” - but the example makes the point quite well. Everyone goes along and identifies the purpose of each item I show but then when I ask them what THEIR specific purpose it.....Crickets.

Over and over again I find that not too many people have taken time to uncover this incredibly important topic for their own lives.

And then I drop the bomb – are you comfortable with the fact that a PEN has a purpose but YOU – an intricately designed, complex, self-aware being – can’t clearly articulate one for yourself?

It’s heavy but necessary.

Even though we are born with purpose, I believe that it morphs and forms as we move through life. The key to really uncovering it is that you first have to be aware that have you one and then be intentional about uncovering it.

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