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Learn how to break free from your “no” training and begin saying “yes” to your dreams

I am always reading books that share principles and strategies on how to overcome limitations and lead a more abundant life. In one of my books, I was intrigued by a study that estimated that the average child hears the word “no or don’t” over 148,000 times compared to only a few thousand yes’s.

This really impacted me, because to me, this clearly shows that the focus has been placed on what we can’t have as opposed to what we can have.

In fact, the “no” training is so deeply engrained that we subconsciously think it whenever we see something that feels out of our immediate grasp.

I know this to be true personally because I love to travel and one of my life’s goals is to travel the world. However, until recently, I never realized that I was sabotaging that goal because of my “no” training.

When I would go to websites to plan a trip, I never even looked at the exotic, beautiful places that were available. When I would look for an Airbnb, I never even allowed myself to look at the beautiful homes in different countries because my training told me that it was out of reach.

In the area of career, I have noticed a similar trend. I constantly hear people falling victim to their “no” training. They have been told not to get their hopes up or to be “realistic” so many times that many people won’t even allow themselves to think big anymore.

I can’t remember where I read it but one strategy for overcoming “no” training that really stuck with me was to turn any negative “can’t do” statement into a question. So, instead of saying “ I can’t afford it”, say “how can I afford this?”. The first statement is a limiting belief that will keep you where you are, while the 2nd statement is a challenge and gives your mind a problem to solve – it works to bring it to pass.

Instead of saying “The work I love to do won’t pay the bills” rephrase that in a way that will allow the principles that God placed in the universe to go to work for you – “how can I do the work that I love and get paid well for it?”

Personally, I am working everyday to overcome my bad programming and it starts with world travel. I now look at all the luxurious locations and I am actively looking for ways to start enjoying it now.

I challenge you to stop saying “no” to your dreams and goals and start saying “yes” or asking “how?”. You will be amazed how your life begins to change!

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