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Who do your Strengths and Talents Help Uplift in the World?

I love helping people.

I know it sounds like a cliche but it’s still the truth.

I’ve had opportunities to connect with and work with and help so many different types of people over the course of my life and it’s where I consistently find joy.

As a matter of fact, when I graduated from college that’s all I really knew, and it’s how I begin my job search, looking for occupations that would allow me to engage regularly with people. This led me to my first job in sales. I was a 21 year old and had responsibility for a $2M department and 20 associates. Talk about trial by fire!

I quickly started to see what I enjoyed in that position and what I did not enjoy. This helped me to inform my next move into a project management role. I went on to do several different positions before I found my calling in coaching and teaching but it was the journey that helped me to narrow my focus.

I wasn’t afraid to leave a job if I found that it wasn’t in line with work that aligned with my gift and talents! And I also picked up some incredible skills along the way that may not have been directly in line with work tied to my purpose but that definitely helped me to get there!

Your exploration may look a little different but are your actively seeking out opportunities to find work that brings your deep satisfaction and aligns with your purpose?


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