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Every Journey Begins with a First Step.

You have heard the old cliché that in order to make a 1000-mile journey you first have to take that first step. Well, that is the story of my life. My life has been series of twists and turns both professionally and personally but it has been a good life – one filled with lots of joy and no regrets.

After graduating from college, I can clearly remember coming home and finding a spot on my parent’s couch in the living room and thinking about how I deserved some rest after a grueling 4 years of learning And…

… I can also clearly remember after about 2 weeks of that, being sick of lying on the couch and thinking…”I can’t live like this! Let me at least go see what’s out there!”

I found out early – especially in the area of career that I had to go out and make my career what I wanted it to be.

Two of my top gifts are encouragement and execution – that means I know how to walk along side of you to motivate you to take action!

About: About Me


  • I believe anything can be accomplished with the right mindset

  • I believe in giving more than I get

  • I believe in always searching for the positive

  • I value people above profit

  • I value honesty and directness

  • I value humility

  • I value truth and the sincere search for it

  • I value Lifelong learning

  • I value and recognize people as unique

  • I value professionalism

  • I value action and solutions

  • I don’t settle for good enough<

  • I believe in treating you better than I would want to be treated

About: About Me
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