Discover Your Strengths, Passion, and Purpose

The benefits of selecting Purpose to Position coaching and courses include:

  • Help finding real world, in demand positions where you can use your gifts, feel valued as a team member, and make a positive difference – without having to give up your quality of life!

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and gaining the confidence you need to move out of your current situation and sell yourself as competent and confident to the right companies

  • Gaining your hope and joy back – something that you may have lost long ago

You will leave our time together feeling:

  • That you now have the tools to find positions where you are given more freedom to use both your creative and analytical skills, hear “great job” regularly, having access to projects, mentors and resources that help you grow professionally, eager to get to work on Monday and having a boss that listens to you and advocates for you

  • Empowered because you know what type of work excites and fulfills you and you no longer have to accept work just to pays the bills

  • Emotionally energized because your homelife is better. You no longer come home crying, depressed, angry or guilty. You will smile more, spending more time with your loved ones and start to feel more hope than you have in a long time.




This program is great if you’re ready to get back to work quickly and already have a foundational understanding of what you want in your career and life.


This program is great if you can take some time to focus on finding work you really love. You want a deeper understanding of work that you find energizing and you need help getting more clarity on your strengths and communicating those strengths in a compelling way as you seek out your next position.


This program is great if you need comprehensive help reinventing yourself. You may have some ideas about things you love but you don’t have the confidence to really step out in that direction. You need help building your confidence back up and you need help communicating your value and brand in a compelling way as you seek out your next position.