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Not satisfied!

People tend to be satisfied if their bills are paid on time, they have a nice house and car, can go on vacation a couple times a year and buy some of the things that they want.

While I agree that we should always be GRATEFUL, I know first hand that if you love to grow and learn, you can never really be satisfied.

I can remember many years ago being “comfortable” but in that very spot and not being satisfied. I believed that there had to be more to life and I have been on a journey ever since to find and go after those possibilities.

As a purpose coach, I often come in contact with people who feel there has to be something wrong to justify making a career transition. We have been conditioned to go after a certain job or salary and once we reach it, there is tendency to think “I made it!”

Even though the world may look at your job and think you have it made, if you are empty and unfulfilled on the inside, be true to yourself and don't feel guilty about exploring what more may look like.

At the end of your life, you won't be thinking about bills, houses and cars but you will reflect on those accomplishments, achievements and relationships that brought you the most joy!

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