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TWO Streams of Income is Better Than One!

If you are a corporate professional, an academic, or a returned to work parent, who is still in a 9 to 5 but really wants to move out into a side hustle, I can help you get started. There are eight moves that you need to take in order to step out into that first time side hustle. What I have found is that a lot of business coaches and strategists out here will give you marketing framework, but they don't spend enough time with these eight simple things to get you set up for success. When I stepped out of my nine to five and started doing my side hustle part-time, these were the things that I felt were critically important. If I had had these things in place, it really would have made my transition a lot smoother.

Find something that you actually enjoy and love. My calling and purpose is not just to help people make money, but to help you find things that you love, that relate to your strengths, and that help you so that you can enjoy what you're doing while bringing in some side money.

1. Come up with a business idea. Most people don't spend enough time on actually developing the business idea. What are your strengths, what problem are you looking to solve? Number one is gonna be an idea that serves others, solves problems, and that you enjoy.

2. Make sure the idea/business is viable. Once you identify a problem and something that you would actually love and enjoy doing, you really wanna make sure that it's viable. If you decide to start investing time and money and resources, viability is very important. I have a formula that will help you determine viability of the side hustle that you've chosen.

3. Identify your target audience. This is an area that is deeply underrated and it is very important to understand that you don't serve everybody and if you think you do, you are in fact serving no one. Come up with two to three categories of people that you specifically serve, based on certain criteria.

4. Come up with the product/service. Once you determine who you need to serve, then you need to come up with the product. What is the program, and what is the thing that I'm going to sell or offer them that is going to now solve their problem?

5. Figure out how you will market it. Determine how you will market it in a way that people will begin to notice.

6. Get leads. Once you're out there marketing, then you have to have a way to get the clients to find you. Get them in so that you can share with them how this offer is going to solve the problem and really lead them to that better quality of life that they're looking for.

7. Determine what you need for basic operations. If you've never done a business before, you really don't need more than three or four things to just get started. It does not have to be perfect. If you are adding value and solving a problem, your clients just wanna work with you.

8. Overcome your limited mindset to open up your key to success. I am a confidence coach because what I've found is that most people struggle with confidence. They struggle with the what ifs, they over-analyze, and they limit themselves. The reason they don't do things most times is because their confidence is super low and they don't have the mindset to really make the move that they need to. That is my expertise.

I will pump you full of confidence, so that you will know that you can be successful as you venture out into this part-time side hustle. Go to my events page and sign up for the monthly webinar as I go into a deeper dive of what I have to offer. I would love to work with you as you expand, step out, and move out into this part-time side hustle that you will enjoy and bring in more money for you and your family.

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